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Sellers F.A.Q.

How does your service work ?

We offer three options to all of our sellers, please give us a call or send us an email to get started. 

CASH OFFER - Simply schedule an appointment and one of our staff will come take a look at the things you want to sell. We offer cash and pick up your items immediately. 


FULL SERVICE AUCTION - Our team photographs your items on location. We clean, organize and build a digital catalog and send it for approval. Once approved we launch your auction and handle everything else. We direct market and advertise your auction to over 300,000 interested buyers. We answer questions, collect payments and facilitate shipping and delivery. We do all the work.  


SELF MANAGED AUCTION - It’s easy! Simply download the App and upload the items you want to sell. Select your pickup date, time and location and we do the rest. 


How long does the process take ?

Each auction runs for 5 days with a 1 day pickup. Once the items are submitted to auction we market, advertise, handle customer communication and manage secure payment collection. Once the items are sold we facilitate the pickup/shipping (full service) you facilitate pickup (seller managed) - that's it. The entire process takes about 7-14 days depending on how quickly the auction is posted. We do all the work, simply show us the items you want to sell.


How much does your service cost ?

ZERO out of pocket expenses. Every auction we run costs the seller zero dollars up front. Please see below for details. 

What is the sales ratio between and myself?

When you manage, we’ll advertise, handle buyer inquiries , manage secure payment collection and ensure you have a successful auction, seller fees are as little as 0% up to a max of 15% depending on your subscription.

When we manage your auction - we catalog (photos, measurements, descriptions, upload), advertise and host pick ups,  the seller's fee is 30% where applicable. 


What is the benefit of using your full service?

We take care of everything from cataloging, uploading, advertising, hosting, answering buyer questions and closing auctions, taking in payments and handling pickup as well as shipping.


I only want to sell a couple things, can I still hold an auction?

You can run an auction with a few items or with a large amount of items. Every auction is exposed and receives the same exposure, we advertise, market and handle all the customer communication for every size of auction.


What is the benefit of selling by auction?

You cut all the “tire-kickers”, time wasters and no shows + sometimes even stress. Auctions are the fastest, most efficient way to sell anything. Just post it and it's sold to the highest bidder without any hassle.


When do I get paid?

We collect payment from the winning bidder immediately after the auction, and process the auction ensuring the transaction between the buyer and seller is successful. Once the transaction is confirmed, no claims and/on disputes,  items given/shipped the seller receives payment by Cheque or E-transfer (however selected). This typically takes 5-7 business days after the last pick up date.


How do I know which selling option is right for me?

This answer varies based on the situation. We always recommend calling or emailing us to discuss the best options for you. We always take into account the accessibility of the location, types of items and most importantly your timeline/circumstance/wants/needs


How do I know what items are good to sell at auction?

Although there are a few exceptions, almost anything can and will sell via auction. If you want an idea of what items were sold at past auctions (click here) to view our past auctions. 

An example of things we cannot accept are but are not limited to : taxidermied animals, firearms, explosive goods, forgeries, stolen property etc. These offenses are subject to local laws. If you are unsure if you can sell your item, email or call us, we’re happy to help.


What if I list something and change my mind?

Once the item has been cataloged / uploaded you may not retract the items. Please see our terms and conditions, this document outlines buyer and seller contract/agreement. Every buyer and seller agrees to these rules when buying or selling at auction. No exceptions, local laws apply. So be sure to choose and list items you are sure you want to sell.


What if I cannot be onsite for photos or pickup ? (full service only)

We are able to organize a full service auction if you cannot be on site, however there are a few steps that must be taken to ensure a successful transaction. Please see our terms and conditions for more information.


How do I ensure I make the most money per item?

If you want to maximize the hammer price, we suggest:


  • Photos - Ensure the best quality photos possible, clean and display items in good lighting, clear unobstructed photographs, fill photo screen with the photos (best on white backgrounds) .If you are selling multiple items in 1 lot take photos of all the items together first, this way the buyer sees the entire contents in the first image. Take multiple angles, showing size and colour accurately. The more detailed the photos the better.

  • Descriptions - Ensure the description is as accurate as possible, including item name, model number/serial numbers were applicable. Include size and condition item location and or pickup instructions where applicable. The more detailed the description is the better.

  • Category - Ensure the correct category is selected.


We always recommend to include any and all certification paperwork including original receipts, appraisals, and certificates of authenticity. The more authentication the item has, the better it performs.


What if I have more questions before selling?
We are always here to help, please contact us via email or phone for more information.

e are here to help.

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