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Terms and Conditions

By accepting the terms and conditions I herby agree to provide the property listed to SELL THIS FOR ME on consignment for the purpose of sale by online auction and I acknowledge and agree to all obligations and conditions set forth below:


1 The consignor declares that he/she is the current legal owner of all property subject to this agreement or have the authority to act as an agent for the current legal owner and all property if free of all claims. I shall indemnify SELL THIS FOR ME, its employees, agents and the buyer against all claims by person entitled or claiming to be entitled to the lot.


2. The consignor agrees to allow SELL THIS FOR ME or its agents, subsidiaries or partners to sell the property subject to this agreement by way of online auction.


3. SELL THIS FOR ME will retain a commission from the proceeds of the sale of the consignment. The commission is 30%/ unless otherwise agreed upon (sales under $4000 will be charged a $500 run fee). Seller Managed Auctions via the App are 15% (sales under $1000 will be charged a $300 run fee)


4. Damaged/Broken Items: SELL THIS FOR ME will not be held responsible for any item if it is damaged, broken, lost or stolen while it is in the possession of the auction company. The seller /consigner may not seek any compensation from an event previously stated.


5. SELL THIS FOR ME will pay the consigner the net proceeds of sale 30 business days following the auction , provided it has received full payment from the buyer. SELL THIS FOR ME will not be liable for any damages to the consignor as a result of the failure to pay by the buyer or the cancelling of any sale.


6. No consigned goods may be withdrawn from auction without the consent of SELL THIS FOR ME. Withdrawn goods allocated and catalogued for an auction may be subject to a 25% withdrawal fee of the high estimate.


7. Bid Backs: A bid back occurs when a seller/consignor bids on their own items and they are the high bidder at the end of the auction. This is a prohibited action. Seller/Consignor may not bid on their own items to try to increase the bid amounts. If the seller/consignor does bid on their own item & are the high bidder, they will be responsible for all costs. This includes the purchase price of the item plus the buyer’s fee & any/all commissions due to the auction company. Also, SELL THIS FOR ME will not make any attempts to contact the previous bidder on these items.


8. Parties on SELL THIS FOR MEs’ premises before, during or after an auction do so at their own risk and shall have no claim against SELL THIS FOR ME in respect to any personal or property damage.


9. The law of the Province of Ontario shall apply to this agreement. In the event of any dispute such dispute shall be settled by way of mediation by a mediator to be chosen by SELL THIS FOR ME and the consignor. Failing the ability to choose a mediator, the parties agree to settle the dispute by arbitration, pursuant to the Arbitration Act of Ontario. The decision of the arbitrator shall be final and binding and no subject to appeal.


10. The consignor shall provide to SELL THE FOR ME all information about consigned property, including know provenance, appraisals, documentation, reports or related information used in the cataloguing and verification process. The consignor shall not submit property they know to be a forgery and shall disclose any known abnormalities or damages at time of consignment.


11. SELL THIS FOR ME retains absolute discretion as to the ability to : withdraw a lot from auction; determine the most suitable auction for the lot; determine the manner in which the auction is conducted; determine the most effective catalogue description for the lot.


12. SELL THIS FOR ME shall not be responsible for property damage on premises by changes in atmospheric conditions or damage caused by aggravation to pre-existing wear or damage.


13. Unsold lots shall be collected by the consignor at the consignor’s expense within 60 days after notification by SELL THIS FOR ME through itemized receipt or written notice. SELL THIS FOR ME shall, at all expiration of the 30 day period, consider the lots uncollected and shall have the right to sell these lots by was of public auction for market value, regardless of minimum or reserve bid.


14. The consignor warrants to SELL THIS FOR ME that it has the right to and hereby grants SELL THIS FOR ME a royalty-free, perpetual and non-revocable right to reproduce, use and publish a photographic or electronic reproduction of the property consigned for use in promotion, published catalogues, advertising, compilations and other publications or mediums distributed to the public. The consignor agrees to indemnify SELL THIS FOR ME from damages caused by the breach of this warranty by the consignor.


15. The consignor shall reimburse SELL THIS FOR ME for all expenses, losses or damages incurred or suffered as a result of any breach of this agreement.


16. The consignor shall not use their primary residence as the pick up location for any consigned item. The consignor shall provide SELL THIS FOR ME with a public location/address to provide the winning bidder with for pick up. All interactions between the consignor and buyer shall be done in a safe public place like a fire hall, police station, public shopping centre etc.


17. The consigner will not publish, post or sell the consigned property once submitted to SELL THIS FOR ME to auction. Any violations will result in banning the user from the SELL THIS FOR ME platform for 12 months. Repeat offenders will be banned from using SELL THIS FOR ME for life.


18. The consignor agrees to property package and ship the item if the buyer requests shipping. The buyer shall be responsible for the costs of shipping.


19. SELL THIS FOR ME is connecting buyers and sellers and is not responsible for misinformation provided by the consignor.


20. All items sold at auction are sold in, as is condition with no representations or guarantees.


21. The consignor agrees to auction the item off at no reserve with no minimum price or starting bid.

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